‘ICSU 159467 7’

Mannakin Ltd. is a company which hires, sells and restores mannequins for a range of different uses. I was grateful to stumble upon ‘Dollywood’, an enclosed area brimming with mounds of severed mannequins, as it ~provoked thought~.
Yet, it is a shame that I am still not entirely sure why I felt grateful, or what thought was provoked.

Just as candles serve various scenes and uses, mannequins do much the same; seen often as a part of everyday life, they successfully function within popular culture, window displays, medical/anatomical education, and so on. The presence of the mannequin within art is enduring, it swells and recedes yet never quite vanishes from the surface. This ‘thing’ frequently shifts between subject, object and abject – from the Old Master’s lay figure, de Chirico’s mannequin motif and Sherman’s doll. It seems odd that a lump so static should proliferate in such a way.

I cannot help but think of the mannequin as a cliché, a tired metaphor – it is used so often to evoke fear and unease that I am almost terrified by its banality. To return to what ‘Dollywood’ made me think, it’s safe to say that I didn’t think anything, but rather I saw a load of lumps and liked it.

(Just whacking it out there that I’m not a photography whizz, but it’s certainly a handy tool for ‘observing/recording’).

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